This is How Mr. Tomato Guarantees Effective Learning

Learning is a gift we all deserve— from our upbringing to our professional building. And even after years of experience have passed, our knowledge should keep expanding with time passing as things around us evolve.

This is especially important in the workplace, where an employee is hired for two main reasons: what they know and their potential to learn more in order to grow.

Companies should always prioritize the growth and development of their team, investing time and efforts in proper learning methods for their employees. Even for restaurants, constant training is vital to guarantee an increase in quality of service and expansion opportunities. Today, Learning Experience Platforms like Mr. Tomato are becoming the main choice for restaurants all around, making modern digital solutions the best and most effective.

But what exactly makes Mr. Tomato so effective? Here are the amazing features that can ensure superior learning tactics for your restaurant staff:


Mr. Tomato is a highly convenient software, accessible to everyone from the comfort of their smartphones. Available for download on all app stores, it allows employees to train themselves with virtual modules as managers check their progress from their own side of the platform.


For many employees, learning lessons are associated with boredom. Luckily, Mr. Tomato is not the case. Mr. Tomato prioritizes the modern needs of younger staffs and offers a fun way of training, with visual and interactive lessons that reassemble the online games and quizzes that entertain us today.

Intuitive Practice

Even if training is standardized, it’s still very important for each employee to go through a customized learning journey. Mr. Tomato’s practices recognize each user’s strengths and weaknesses, modifying the next module based on past performances. That way, each employee receives just what they need.

Automated Testing

Based on the learning materials you uploaded for your employees to learn (menus, policies, procedures), Mr. Tomato automatically creates not only practice modules, but also test screens to evaluate your employees’ learning progress. Yes or no questions, multiple selection, grouping— these are just a few of the interactive formats you can use to test your staff.


Besides basic training for new employees, you can also add specialized courses for everyone to access. Certifications can include anything you find relevant for your team’s development, like wine tasting, etiquette, culinary arts— whatever you choose!


To visualize and reward your employees’ progress, users accumulate points with every lesson and every correct answer to later be showcased in a Team Leaderboard. There, the whole staff can view a ranking of top employees, which can help managers reward the first spots and increase motivation.

It’s been proven by a large number of restaurants that Learning Experience Platforms are the best addition to their staff management. If you thinks it’s time for your restaurant to jump in the trend, try Mr. Tomato’s smart software by requesting a free demo!

Here’s Why Digital Training is Becoming a Necessity for Restaurants

The process of introducing new employees can be exciting, yet very dreadful for managers. The idea of meeting new faces with fresh experiences is very nice until the faces become too many to count… and too many to train.
The restaurant industry is struggling with training more than it ever has. Not that it has ever been anyone’s favorite thing, but constant training is quickly becoming an essential part in the every-day life.

For starters, employees are rotating in what seems almost a daily basis, forcing restaurant staff managers to dedicate extra efforts (and money!) into onboarding procedures. On top of that, the need to update and rebrand is extremely high in this excessively competitive environment, driving those who stay behind to either drop sales or, in the saddest of scenarios, shut down.

As change becomes a constant in our lives, we need to learn how to tame it. The truth is practices from the past just won’t work in this fast-paced world. Our only savior is precisely the biggest gift that modernity has brought to humanity: Technology.

Restaurants all over the country are starting to digitalize their procedures. Virtual platforms for menus, reservations, paying methods, deliveries, and even tipping are very common after the pandemic. And now, technology has found its way to transform training and make it faster, more convenient, and more effective for everyone.

Take Mr. Tomato for example, a restaurant staff management platform that on top of digitalizing conversationsschedules, and checklists, offers an AI-powered training software that autogenerates interactive lessons for restaurant employees, saving HR from time-consuming seminars and presentations. With a mobile training platform like Mr. Tomato, waiters, hosts, bartenders, and chefs can basically train themselves through their phones, as the app carefully gathers the information necessary to personalize their learning paths and lead each and every individual employee to become an expert.

Such training platforms are helping restaurants all around to deal with high turnovers more efficiently, reduce onboarding costs, engage with a new generation of employees, and make a step forward in employee retention strategies. It sort of feels like the continuous promise of a rainbow after a hurricane— crisis drives humans to create the most innovative solutions that otherwise wouldn’t have been made. And during these specially hard times for restaurants, what a marvelous thing it is to see that the best solution might be just in the palm of our hands!