LMS vs. LXP: What they are and which one is best for your business

If there is one thing that should never be overlooked on your business, that is your team’s learning. A company can only grow if their employees grow, and your employees will only grow with you if they’re provided with the right tools for their development and motivation.

During this modern technological uproar, company’s are investing much more in learning platforms than they ever have. Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Learning Experience Platforms (LXP) are being developed on the daily, eager to fit the necessities of various kinds of businesses. But, what do these actually do? What is an LMS, exactly? What is an LXP? And most importantly, how beneficial can their acquisition be for your company?

An LMS or learning management system is a software that facilitates administration functions, analytics, and data collection throughout an entire educational path. It is being used by companies to digitalize staff training and therefore make employee onboarding and team building more effective.

Having an LMS implemented to the workplace has a bunch of benefits, from allowing HR managers to create courses, supervise and analyze their staff’s progress more easily, reduce overall training costs, and save lots and lots of time.

Learning management systems were created with business managers’ needs in mind, with features specially designed to simplify staff management tasks and teamwork duties. On the other hand, Learning Experiences Platforms, their latest predecessors, have recently risen with a new purpose in sight: the employees’ needs.

Learning Experiences Platforms or LXP are everything a LMS can be and more. Firstly, they are AI driven, meaning they learn from the user’s results in order to customize individual learning paths for each. That way, employees are involved in software that actually attends their specific needs, creating effective development and real growth for their professional careers.

Secondly, they exist in vast variety. There are LXPs for EVERY type of business. For example, let’s say you run a restaurant and need a platform to control the high turnover issue. Well, there’s an exact app for that! Mr. Tomato is a sophisticated yet user friendly LXP specialized for restaurant training and team building. Apps like Mr. Tomato are highly accessible, literally, a button click away from transforming HR management as we know it.

LMS was also very focused on top-down management style, whereas LXPs pretend to shift that with a more autonomous and independent style of learning for employees. It helps them feel motivated about their own growth and actually compromise to it for their own good instead of the company’s. That way, it’s beneficial for employees, their employers, and, in the end, society itself.

Because a company should care about their employees first, no matter if they stay with you forever or leave. If you prepare an employee well, they leave your company feeling satisfied, mature, and ready to talk about you.

So, are you ready to evolve your company’s learning? Start looking for the LXP or LMS that will suit you best!

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