Test and Certify Employees

Test anyone,
anytime remotelly

Now you don’t have to spend time on every employee separatelly to make sure they are tested and ready to work.


Centralized testing and
certification solution


Full Automation
of the Testing Process

Set up the test to run monthly or after passing a certain percentage of materials covered by an employee.

This way your staff will be tested automatically when you need them to.

For example, if a staff member didn’t go through at least 90% of the materials, he won’t be able to even access the test.

Certification Settings

Create one or multiple certifications with any complexity and difficulty you need. You can also assign different certifications to different roles in your company.

Select the exact materials you’d like to have in certification and limit the number of questions to adjust its difficulty.


No Way
to Trick The System

The questions in tests and certifications are served in completely random order and there are different types of them, there’s no way to just memorize the order of clicks and pass the test.

Additionally, you can limit the amount of time an employee can spend on one question or on the whole test/certification.

All these features help you control the difficulty of tests and the time employees spend training and passing tests.

Take a look at how Mr. Tomato can be tailored to your restaurant’s specific needs

Case Studies in Success

Mr. Tomato became one of those promising tech solutions Eurasia decided to try out. We were more than happy to help Eurasia get up and running with Mr. Tomato as soon as possible.

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Mr. Tomato is Packed with Modern Features for a Modern World


Gamified Training (1)

Gamified Menu Training

Keeping staff engaged. It’s a whole new experience in automated training

Test and Certification (2)

Intelligent Testing and Certification

Automated testing based on user activity, and certifications, all created in just minutes.

Policy (1)

Policies and

Ensure standards and best practices are maintained throughout the restaurant.

Bar (1)

Cork Academy

Advanced alcohol training and pairing for your curated bar menu


Checklists (2)


Spot-checker automates all processes and reporting, eliminating paperwork, and reducing time verifying tasks.

Scheduling (1)


Populate schedules, review shift availabilities, and confirm shift changes/requests, right from your phone.

actionable analytics (1)

Actionable Analytics

Leveraging insights to empower managers in making informed, intelligent, and data-driven decisions.

qr code menu (1)

QR Code Menu

Interactive menu for your guests


Newsfeed (2)

Newsfeed Timeline

Mirroring the most popular social apps, staff can share news, receive updates, announcements, and real-time notifications.

Messenger (1)


Create specific groups for chat, direct message individuals, and keep communication flowing.

Roles Management (1)

Role management

Control access, platform privileges, and roles that monitor and manage all the app functions.

Training (3)


AI-powered technology adjusts learning paths for each individual on the team.


Chain (1)

Centralized Chain

Manage operations, monitor staff training, testing, and promote best practices across all of your restaurants.


Wi-Fi and GPS Fencing

Create access parameters to protect your data with easy to manage settings.


Data Security

Use encryption and tech safeguards to protect all of your data with security and compliance.

Wide Analytics

Enterprise-wide Analytics

Instantaneous viewing of all critical metrics and processes from your smartphone.

Take a look at how Mr. Tomato can be tailored to your restaurant’s specific needs

What Clients Are Saying

shashlykian logo

“Mr. Tomato helped simplify the training process and reduced paperwork by 80%.”

Shashlykyan, BBQ chain


“Before we were using so many papers and archives and wasting so much time & effort to train and check staff. With the help of the Mr. Tomato app, we cut almost all our paperwork and made training more easy, fun, and fast!”

ilmolino, Pizza chain

“Great product for restaurants who want to reduce the turnover rate. No need to spend time on shadowing or mentoring.”

Salateira, Salads chain