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A gamified experience that creates microlearning pathways to success. Mr. Tomato automates management routines and puts the fun back into training. It’s a ‘game-changer’.

Here’s why we’re the coolest…

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Reduce Onboarding Time
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Drop Turnover Rates

It’s a New World

The hospitality scene has changed dramatically – restaurants require higher standards than ever before. It’s never been more important to deliver a perfectly crafted dining experience. Get it right by leveraging Mr. Tomato to be your virtual training assistant.

Connecting with ‘Generation Next’

Create Your Own In-House Hospitality Network. (Prevent those awkward posts from your mother-in-law). Your restaurant’s own social hub to keep communication flowing in all directions and 86 those dated memos and staff room dry-erase board.

It’s Fun FTW!

Post those DVD machines on Ebay. Mr. Tomato replaces those old-school and monotonous paper exams, staff meetings, and training boot camps and replaces them with smartphone tools that staff is already using every day.

Level Up and Get in the Game!

Build up those participation stats with Mr. Tomato's AI training modules and practice screens. Functioning just like popular smartphone games and social media platforms, our user-friendly platform is proven to increase engagement and allow users to learn faster

The more they play, the more they learn, the better prepared
to serve your customers. It's a win-win-win!!


Certifying Success

No more poking and pleading with staff to review menus, take tests, or participate in the education process.

Mr. Tomato’ gamified experience will have staff competing for bragging rights and battling for top-rankings on the Leadership Board.

Intuitive, Personalized,

Just like no two guests are alike, no two staff members are alike. Mr. Tomato works tirelessly to ensure that everyone is appreciated as an individual. From creating tests to designing learning pathways to certification – it’s never a one size fits all. Keep managers Focused on the big picture, your guests and making money! Mr. Tomato will be the virtual support manager that automates routine exercises and politely reminds staff of tasks, training milestones, and any shift notes. How great does that sound!

Take a look at how Mr. Tomato can be tailored to your restaurant’s specific needs

Mr. Tomato is Packed with Modern Features for a Modern World


Gamified Training (1)

Gamified Menu Training

Keeping staff engaged. It’s a whole new experience in automated training

Test and Certification (2)

Intelligent Testing and Certification

Automated testing based on user activity, and certifications, all created in just minutes.

Policy (1)

Policies and

Ensure standards and best practices are maintained throughout the restaurant.

Bar (1)

Cork Academy

Advanced alcohol training and pairing for your curated bar menu


Checklists (2)


Spot-checker automates all processes and reporting, eliminating paperwork, and reducing time verifying tasks.

Scheduling (1)


Populate schedules, review shift availabilities, and confirm shift changes/requests, right from your phone.

actionable analytics (1)

Actionable Analytics

Leveraging insights to empower managers in making informed, intelligent, and data-driven decisions.

qr code menu (1)

QR Code Menu

Interactive menu for your guests


Newsfeed (2)

Newsfeed Timeline

Mirroring the most popular social apps, staff can share news, receive updates, announcements, and real-time notifications.

Messenger (1)


Create specific groups for chat, direct message individuals, and keep communication flowing.

Roles Management (1)

Role management

Control access, platform privileges, and roles that monitor and manage all the app functions.

Training (3)


AI-powered technology adjusts learning paths for each individual on the team.


Chain (1)

Centralized Chain

Manage operations, monitor staff training, testing, and promote best practices across all of your restaurants.


Wi-Fi and GPS Fencing

Create access parameters to protect your data with easy to manage settings.


Data Security

Use encryption and tech safeguards to protect all of your data with security and compliance.

Wide Analytics

Enterprise-wide Analytics

Instantaneous viewing of all critical metrics and processes from your smartphone.

Take a look at how Mr. Tomato can be tailored to your restaurant’s specific needs

What Clients Are Saying

“Every manager in the industry wants to reduce paperwork for onboarding, training, and management, including me. Mr. Tomato automates literally everything, and it has a friendly design and easy-to-use functions

New School Kitchen, Indian cuisine restaurant

“Mr. Tomato makes it possible to communicate proactively and fast with all people in the chain, and it makes it possible for employees to build closer relationships with managers.”

ilmolino, Pizza chain

“Great product for restaurants who want to reduce the turnover rate. No need to spend time on shadowing or mentoring.”

Salateira, Salads chain