What Clients Are Saying

“Every manager in the industry wants to reduce paperwork for onboarding, training, and management, including me. Mr. Tomato automates literally everything, and it has a friendly design and easy-to-use functions

New School Kitchen, Indian cuisine restaurant

“Mr. Tomato makes it possible to communicate proactively and fast with all people in the chain, and it makes it possible for employees to build closer relationships with managers.”

ilmolino, Pizza chain

“Great product for restaurants who want to reduce the turnover rate. No need to spend time on shadowing or mentoring.”

Salateira, Salads chain


“Before we were using so many papers and archives and wasting so much time & effort to train and check staff. With the help of the Mr. Tomato app, we cut almost all our paperwork and made training more easy, fun, and fast!”

ilmolino, Pizza chain

shashlykian logo

“Mr. Tomato helped simplify the training process and reduced paperwork by 80%.”

Shashlykyan, BBQ chain

Take a look at how Mr. Tomato can be tailored to your restaurant’s specific needs

alchemist bar

“I tried many different applications but it was Mr. Tomato that amazed me the most. I was looking for a gamified experience and I’ve already made 40% of my work easier.”

Alchemist, Music Bar


“It’s extremely easy to use the app. It automatically generates questions which is very convenient and fun to use”

Fish & Pussycat, Sushi Bar

Eurasia logo

“Same way the employees used to play games on their smartphones during the day, they now play Mr. Tomato game. But this time it helps them learn servicing standards and practice their knowledge of the menu.”

Eurasia, Japanese & European cuisine