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Technology pushes today’s world forward and it’s time for the restaurant industry to take advantage of the latest AI and machine learning solutions that will help them to focus on growth rather than daily routine. Our difference is we want to turn the experience of learning into fun.
Haroon Elsarrag
Founder & CTO

Just like any other software is designed to solve problems and make life simpler, our company started as an idea of an application that solves a problem with bad service in restaurants at its core. Founder and CTO of our company, Haroon, struggled to explain to a new waiter at a restaurant that he wanted an omelet with vegetables but without tomatoes. So immediately he developed the idea to create a game – an application that helps to better memorize menus to the ingredients level and motivates personnel to improve their knowledge.

Since then, Mr. Tomato has developed into a platform that focuses on helping restaurants to be more productive and better organized. It’s an all in one solution for all the operations, communications and management for a restaurant.

With Mr. Tomato everything runs smoother.

And we’re confident that after Mr Tomato revolutionises the restaurant industry, there will be massive opportunities in other industries where our team can deliver a range of unique benefits.

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