The Solution for the Restaurant Industry Crisis has come to America

Industry Crisis

Many people around the world have something in common: the wish of conquering, of success, of making it in that one place that everyone says makes things happen. Yes, we’re talking about THE AMERICAN DREAM. And as a rising tech company, we sure have our eyes set in that very same thing.

Sparked and born in Ukraine, Mr. Tomato caused a commotion all around Eastern Europe. More than 500 restaurants and 5000 users around the continent delightfully joined the staff management platform as an initiative to boost their team’s performance. And as you can imagine, every single one of them has its own success story to tell.

Logically, seeing all these businesses thrive with our app, we began to think: if we made it here… couldn’t we make it anywhere?

We built the wings and now it’s time to spread them. America: Mr. Tomato has arrived!

In an alliance with Puzzle Tech, we’ve been welcomed to the lovely city of Atlanta, Georgia, where we’ve installed our very first American Headquarters. The waters have been fairly tested, and by submerging ourselves in the American work culture and the American restaurant industry, we’ve discovered that Mr. Tomato and The United States are a match made in heaven.

The country is going through an employee turnover crisis, with rates as high as 75% (also known as the great resignation). There’s also a brand new generation entering the workforce, with birth certificates dated as early as 2004 and phones practically attached to their baby hands. We’re in the midst of a new era, and knowing very well that change is a universal struggle, we’re introducing Mr. Tomato to a market that needs it more than any other— a market with ambition, with a passion for growth and success.

With our unmatched training platform, we aim to simplify the lives of restaurant crews all around, making the onboarding process faster with self-assessed learning, personalized paths, and a user-friendly progress management dashboard for viewing results.

In Team Tomato, we’re all beyond excited for this new journey. So far, it seems like it’s been an amazing start and now it’s time to take over every restaurant in town!

Take a look at how Mr. Tomato can be tailored to your restaurant’s specific needs